A Mastermind is not a book club; it is a commitment intended for people who are motivated and serious about making effective and lasting changes to their lives and to take their results to the next level.


What Others Are Saying About Masterminds

I have attended two John C. Maxwell series workshops with Greg Wood.  With approximately 11 attendees the format lent to a lot of personable discussion.  We were all from Child Care centres so conversation was meaningful.  Greg uses humour and real life examples to illustrate the chapters’s content resulting in a fun applicable approach to learning.  I am looking forward to participating in our third Mastermind Group Series.

 Kym Schmidt – Executive Director – Cairns Children’s Centre

I just wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying the Mastermind workshops. This last workshop, Sometimes You Win and Sometimes You Learn was very useful. I find that I am now looking for ways to learn from my mistakes and I am moving forward quicker and not dwelling on them. At the centre, we are become more proactive and intentionally looking at what worked and what didn’t in particular situations.

 It is really beneficial to take classes like these with fellow Child Care Directors. We are able to learn from each other’s successes and mistakes. It is comforting to know that others are dealing with similar issues and have moved through them.

 Thanks for keeping the discussions interesting and fun. You’re a hoot!

Cathie Buschau – Director – Univillage Daycare

Thanks Greg ever so much for choosing this book (Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn) for the Mastermind group. I thoroughly enjoyed every week and look forward to attending future Mastermind groups. I felt very comfortable in sharing my thoughts as the entire group were people whom I knew and were in the similar field. It helped to know I was not alone and greatly appreciated the support I got from the group. Being a smaller group, I felt relaxed when sharing my views. I would definitely recommend this book to other Directors!
Thanks again!

Deepa Raghavan – Director – Epiphany Children’s Centre

A very big thank you for the 2 Mastermind sessions that I attended. It has helped me to grow emotionally and to have a broader perspective on how I handle and accept personal and professional mistakes/failures, and, criticism. I still brood over mistakes etc. however, it is for a shorter period of time, and instead of only looking at the negative, I also reflect on the positive.

Avril M Coutou – Executive Director – Norbert Children’s Centre Inc.